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Christopher Hurst does one thing incredibly well. He makes your wedding day fun, engaging and simply unforgettable!


His Close-Up Mind Reading skills will leave guests astonished, thrilled and delighted. Christopher is the perfect ice-breaker and is on hand to ensure your day runs seemlesslesy, filling in the quite spots and making your guests the star of the show.

See how Christopher will bring a unqique and amazing feeling to your special day...






Dan Wootton is a young and contemporary wedding photographer with an eye for capturing special, unprepared moments at your wedding. Why not let Dan tell you himself...

“Weddings are filled with awesome moments, happening all of the time and throughout the day. Most of these moments go unnoticed, as you and your guests are caught up in them. These are the moments I love to capture. A few years back I fell in love with weddings. Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to capture some of the most amazing days and meet the most incredibly-in-love people. I am a storyteller who wants nothing more than to tell an amazing story of your wedding”
— Dan Wootton

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