Our Philosophy 


Customer satisfaction is our priority at the Mill and our sister hotel Shard Riverside. We like to greet people with a smile and make them feel welcome during their visit. We strive to offer dinners great valued Lancashire dishes. We meet the needs of the modern day traveller with clean, comfortable and modern bedrooms with all the facilities you would expect from a modern day Inn
— Paul & P.E.Hurst (Proprietors)


Millar Conder Green - A Modern History

Father and son team, Paul & Paul E. Hurst have been responsible for the daily running of the Mill for the past few years. With its proximity to Lancaster they realised the potential of the canal-side setting and took ownership of the Mill in April 2011. At this time the Mill was an uninspiring pub with its feet firmly in the 1980's.

Their vision was to to update the bar, restaurant and accommodation with a modern 'country house' feel. The decor was carefully considered by husband and wife team Paul and Mandy Hurst and gets positive compliments from our customers on a daily basis. The bedrooms were modernised and re-decorted to offer a clean, minimal and well presented look and to take advantage of the original wooden beams and iron-works found in some rooms. 

The Hurst's are forward thinking and in 2015 we are excited to offer diners the option to reserve a table from the their smartphone or tablet.



Local Suppliers At The Heart Of Our Dining Experience

We believe passionately in supporting local business when sourcing our menu. It helps create strong trading partnerships and lets you know where your food originates when choosing the Mill. Plus it means quality and freshness for the best dining experience. That's why we are exited and proud to work with some of the best supplies in the area. 


port of lancaster smoke house

Established over thirty years ago, the Smoke House has retained and maintained the traditional methods of preparing and curing fish and meats of all kinds.  Their commitment to quality ingredients and time honoured traditions has won overall acclaim for their smoked products.



choice meats

Established in 1989, Choice Meats began as a small butchers shop on Dickson Road in Blackpool. Their fresh meat is professionally prepared at their EC cutting plant in Poulton by skilled and experienced butchers. This ensures a consistent quality that customers expect.


walling of cockerham ice-cream

Renowned ice-cream makers, Wallings of Cockerham use fresh cows milk direct from the field across the road! Their huge variety of dairy ice-creams have made Wallings a famous name and people travel for miles to visit their rural ice-cream parlour.




procter's cheese of chipping

The Procter family first made cheese in the picturesque village of Chipping in the 1930s. Chipping is a well known tourist attraction set in the heart of North West England's Ribble Valley with tiny cottages and narrow cobbled streets. Our small farms have lush pasture, producing excellent milk for cheese making. Procter's purpose built factory on the outskirts of the village has modern refrigeration, packing, and warehousing, offering the most up to date facilities for the storage and maturing of quality cheeses.



Mill home-baked breads

Our chef's proudly make a range of freshly baked that not only smell delicious but taste even better! They compliment some of our dishes or make a great stand alone side order to your main course.



mill home-made desserts 

Who can resit a home-baked dessert? From sticky toffee pudding to rich and creamy cheesecake. Our chefs ask you leave room, or maybe take one home to enjoy later on!

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